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Fleet Tracking 2.0 has arrived

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For companies relying on vehicles to operate on a day-to-day basis, these costs can be significant. Various studies attribute up to 45% of the total cost of ownership of a company-maintained vehicle is influenced by the driver. Further studies have confirmed that drivers of company-maintained vehicles drive more erratically than when using their own cars. In other words, fleet vehicles often cost much more than they should.

In a world where cost-management is increasingly important, this is problematic.

Simple. Just install a vehicle tracking system!

Vehicle Tracking solutions have been around for quite some time and on face value are often a good deterrent to limit erratic driving. Those who do the wrong thing can be easily identified and reprimanded. Simple!

Except of course it isn’t this simple. Drivers are human beings which brings into play a myriad of other factors that shouldn’t be ignored. One of these is trust. It is one thing for a company to feel trusting of their employees when surveillance-type technology is in use, but it is another for an employee to feel trusted at the same time.

‘I do the right thing, why don’t they trust me?’.

There is no middle ground when it comes to things like trust. It exists or it doesn’t, and herein lies the dilemma for most company leaders. Technology solutions are effective in deterring inappropriate behaviour, but introduces another potential problem – the perception of Big Brother.

Target Zero – the evolution of Fleet Tracking has arrived

Fleet Tracking was mainly about installing hardware into vehicles and viewing the information with software. Target Zero is a methodology that integrates big-data analytics human behaviour expertise with state-of-the-art technology. This is what makes it so effective.
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New Live Map View GPS

FleetConnect – New features and major enhancements on user-experience

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New Live Map View

Live Map View now expands to fit to your screen, maximising your map view and displaying your entire fleet simultaneously. Activity Feed now includes a paging feature. Simply swipe an entry to load older activity when using your tablet. Zone Filtering has a more intuitive menu for viewing and filtering your zones.

Restrict User Access to Groups

FleetConnect now includes the ability to allocate specific groups of vehicles to specific managers. Your managers will now access only the vehicles they are assigned to manage.

Spiderfy Trip Logs

Overlapping multiple log icons on a map can make it difficult to view specific event details. Now you can click on a cluster of icons and view each individual icon in an exploded view – getting all the details of each specific event.

Spiderfy Trip Logs

Live Map Idle Icon

A new icon of a car and timer now shows on the live map. This represents when and for how long a vehicle has been idling.

Fuel Level & Trip Usage

Mousing over the vehicle icon on the live map will show the fuel level and trip usage for a vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: this feature is enabled only for vehicles that have an extended OBD profile or are running the J1939 truck protocol.

Live Map Idle Icon Fuel Level
Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

If your fleet uses any of the GPSi smartDEVICE accessories that support the Duress Alarm feature, you can now add emergency contacts based on groups (company-wide or driver groups), and add emergency contacts to an individual’s emergency contact list.

For more information contact GPSi Support on 1300 438 477.

New After Hours Report

Are your company vehicles being used for side jobs, personal errands or other inappropriate activity? Even if you allow some private mileage you need to make sure employees aren’t taking advantage of you. The new report will allow you to filter the times and calculate the total amount of after hour kilometres traveled.

Fleet Safety Manager News GPS Innovations

GPS Innovations set to deploy speed limit database

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GPS Innovations is partnering with Data Solutions to integrate key speed and location data nation-wide, providing Fleet and Safety Managers with unprecedented access to safety information.

GPS Innovations is a leading Australian supplier of GPS fleet management technology. Its suite of driver safety products includes the RoadScout (a plug and play in vehicle monitoring system (IVMS)) and FleetConnect™, (a web-based advanced vehicle location software (AVL)). The posted speed limit database (PSLD) provides national speed limit data.

How it works

This dynamic partnering will see GPS Innovations’ FleetConnect™ software integrate data with the PSLD. All recorded vehicle data returned by the RoadScout IVMS through FleetConnect™ is validated against the PSLD to give a clear record of all overspeed events for each trip taken.

This unprecedented access to safety information associated with the movement and behaviour of fleet drivers will enable fleet managers to better manage and improve their overall fleet safety profile.

Coming soon

Posted speed limit data will be a standard feature in FleetConnect™ from 1 July 2014 and will be available to all existing and new GPS Innovations customers.

Stuart Mullins, CEO of GPS Innovations commented that ‘Many customers utilise FleetConnect to ensure their drivers are driving safely and to reduce overall fleet risk. Excessive speed increases the risk of accidents and presents a safety hazard to other drivers. By adding posted speed limit reports and alerts to our offering, fleet managers can now have even more insight into their drivers’ behaviour at their fingertips.’

‘This initiative has been tested across a number of fleets with great success for over 6 months and has already produced substantive driver behaviour change initiatives for development partners. This contribution to our driver scoring initiative, along with our more traditional metrics, will greatly assist Fleet Managers to work with their drivers to better manage their overall fleet safety profile.’

For more information, visit gpsi.com.au.

smartTRAX satellite trackingNews GPS Innovations

GPSi takes on a new approach to Iridium satellite tracking

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The introduction of dual mode Bluetooth technology including BT 4.0 to the Roadscout® device has enabled the introduction of our smartTRAX Iridium satellite tracking technology. smartTRAX provides the RoadScout  product range with ‘grab and go’ satellite connectivity for vehicle telematics in places where GSM coverage is unavailable.

Further enhancing the offering, the smartTRAX device will automatically perform as a personal tracking device when removed from the vehicle ensuring the safety of your ‘lone workers’ in the field.

This seamless and wireless functionality replaces conventional wired solutions and ensures vehicles and staff can be tracked in the most remote locations with confidence. The package provides fleet managers with an opportunity to seamlessly support additional features such as duress alarms and two messaging whilst supporting all aspects of our current IVMS platform  including driver behaviour and vehicle alerts.

Incorporating a long-life lithium rechargeable battery, the durable and shock resistant smartTRAX will provide organisations with a cost-effective option to extend the safe working environment of field staff.

smartWATCH News GPS Innovations

Introducing world first smartWatch that connects to your car

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GPSi has developed the first commercially available smartWATCH to integrate with the vehicle. The connected Roadscout IVMS device communicates directly with the smartWATCH giving the driver valuable feedback to adopt a better driving style and encourage self-management. The smartWATCH also acts as a personal driver indentifcation as well as giving real-time alerts that vibrate and appear on the screen. These remind the driver to adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

The convenience and simplicity of the Smartwatch will replace featureless ID keys, providing your fleet with tangible long term benefits seamlessly supporting features such as driver ID, man-down/duress, driver behaviour feedback and vehicle alerts.

Incorporating a long life Lithium rechargeable battery, the durable, shock resistant Roadscout® Smartwatch will provide your organisation with a cost effective option to extend the safe working environment of field staff together with providing an active tool to support in-vehicle driver performance.

Another Smart Fleet Solution from GPS Innovations

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Telematics Website

New look, same dedication to cutting-edge technology

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We’re proud to introduce the new GPS Innovations website, smartly designed and built by our clever in-house team. It is the 3rd major website upgrade since our launch in 2009, continuing our commitment to cutting edge responsive front-end design.

What is a responsive website you may well ask?  Representing the future of website design, they provide a superior user experience by dynamically modifying the design elements of a website to suit the vast range of different platforms and screen sizes in use today.   Our flagship fleet analytics reporting platform FleetConnect is also optimized for desktop computers down to mobile devices.

The new GPS Innovations website showcases this latest leading edge technology whilst also providing a simpler way to navigate the site.  The benefits for each industry we provide services to can be more easily understood.  A new Partners Portal is near completion and will give resellers and installers access to instructions, smart-guides, marketing material, video tutorials and profile management.

Keep an eye on the website as it continues to evolve.  Videos, infographics and new product releases are just a sample of what’s to come.

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Driver ID smart KEY GPS

Replace your featureless Driver ID keys. GPSi release the smartKEY

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Driver ID couples detailed information about a vehicles activity with specific driver activity letting you manage timesheets easily and make sure the right driver is carrying out the work you intended.

Traditionally driver ID keys require an ID reader that is hardwired into the vehicle and in most cases drilling a hole in the vehicles dash. The driver then touches the reader with the keyfob each time they drive the vehicle.

But now GPSi have developed the smartKEY. A new type of device that provides similar functionality but without the physical intervention by the driver. Instead of the driver touching the reader with the fob the RoadScout IVMS device with the built in low energy bluetooth automatically recognises the driver and assigns them to the trip.

It doesn’t stop there. The new smartKEY features duress/panic alert the can be triggered up to approximately 10 metres around the cabin of the vehicle. Again this feature is traditionally a switch that is hardwired in the cabin.

Both the smartKEY & smartWATCH allows you to identify and reward efficient and safe drivers as well as identify development opportunities in others. The smartKEY helps you manage your resources and maintain your duty of care by linking records on driving licenses that help ensure drivers only drive vehicles they’re qualified for. And alerts can let you know when unidentified or unqualified drivers are moving your vehicles for extra peace of mind.

Double the insight with individual driver and vehicle tracking. In a mobile workforce, being able to isolate driver data and vehicle data is paramount. The smartKEY solution is invaluable to any business that operates a pool of vehicles across multiple drivers.

The smartKEY also hosts an internal buzzer to help drivers receive feedback on their driving style in real-time. This enables customers to manage improvements in driver and vehicle performance and, in turn, reductions in fuel consumption, carbon emissions and accident rates.

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Electronic vehicle logbook app in your hand

GPSi Launch elogbook.com.au. The new way to balance your vehicle logbook

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GPSi’s eLogBook ATO compliant log book app makes keeping a vehicle log book easy. eLogBook uses the RoadScout IVMS device to automate journeys and sync them to your smartphone where you can add additional information to each individual trip at anytime that’s most convenient for you.

It cuts down admin time for both drivers and fleet managers when it comes to FBT, and it is extremely easy to use. All data is live and results can be monitored & measured on any internet connected device.

Search GPSi eLogBook in the app store or use the links below for more info.

visit www.elogbook.com.au

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