Introducing world first smartWatch that connects to your car

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GPSi has developed the first commercially available smartWATCH to integrate with the vehicle. The connected Roadscout IVMS device communicates directly with the smartWATCH giving the driver valuable feedback to adopt a better driving style and encourage self-management. The smartWATCH also acts as a personal driver indentifcation as well as giving real-time alerts that vibrate and appear on the screen. These remind the driver to adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

The convenience and simplicity of the Smartwatch will replace featureless ID keys, providing your fleet with tangible long term benefits seamlessly supporting features such as driver ID, man-down/duress, driver behaviour feedback and vehicle alerts.

Incorporating a long life Lithium rechargeable battery, the durable, shock resistant Roadscout® Smartwatch will provide your organisation with a cost effective option to extend the safe working environment of field staff together with providing an active tool to support in-vehicle driver performance.

Another Smart Fleet Solution from GPS Innovations

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