GPSi Group Pty Ltd (trading as GPS Innovations) is a privately owned Australian company that designs, develops, sells and supports innovative solutions to improve vehicle driver safety and vehicle fleet optimisation.  The Company commenced operations in 2008 in Brisbane Australia with a focus on R&D to understand the relationship between driver and vehicle usage.   Since our patented foundation product (the Roadscout) we continue to provide our customers with opportunities to improve driver safety and reduce the total cost of vehicle ownership.

Real-time information for better decision making

Our solutions drive value into our customer’s business through the intelligent integration of real-time behavioural data-collection technology, analytics and services.  The hands-on approach of our knowledgeable team ensures that you and your Managers will have a ‘finger on the pulse’ ability to make intelligent decisions.   Our solutions will help you answer important day-to-day questions like:

  • How can we decrease the total cost of ownership of every vehicle in our fleet?
  • How can we reduce the risk of our company vehicles causing injury to our employees and other people?
  • How can we do this in the best way for everyone concerned?

We do this through a range of products and services which support better decision-making in the complex world of vehicle management and driver safety.

Why choose GPSi?

To make the best decisions, you need accurate, verifiable and timely information.  We achieve this through a seamless integration of class-leading technology, big-data analytics and human-behaviour understanding.  But it is the the hands-on approach of our knowledgeable team that ultimately makes the difference.

We are all about Target Zero – Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries.  We will work with you to achieve cost savings whilst also ensuring your drivers return back home safely to their families after a good day’s work.