Stop Your Company Paying

Excessive FBT Today!

You are paying excessive FBT if your:

  • drivers aren’t filling out paper Logbooks accurately!
  • company is paying for excessive Private travel kilometres
  • company is paying for fuel, tyres and maintenance during private travel!
  • company is paying for tolls during private travel
  • company is paying excessive costs because it’s just “The free Company car”!

Automate Trip Details

Your trips are automatically logged in real-time.

Reduce Admin Costs

Data is stored securely in the cloud, and available instantly.

Streamline FBT Reporting

Maximise tax efficiencies for each individual vehicle.

Take control of your Fleet

Majority of companies make conservative estimates (due to administrative burden of using actuals) when calculating tax liabilities which results in tax being overpaid. eLogBook delivers substantial taxation cost savings.

Installing a simple IVMS (In Vehicle Management System) application will give you complete and accurate data on what your “fully funded” company car is doing!!

It’s like you are sitting in the passenger seat 24/7/365.


The high cost of (non) FBT Compliance

As a data-driven, evidenced-based company, we love our stats and facts here at Summit. One that grabbed our attention recently is that the average private kilometers travelled by company car fleets is between 25% – 40%. With the FBT return just around the corner, we pondered what the impact of this would be at a time where cost-control is paramount? Considerable was the conclusion we came up with.

For most drivers, completing an accurate log book rates somewhere between boring and downright annoying. Does this sound like your company? The problem of course is, there are potentially a lot of cost savings locked up in this process.

Imagine being able to automate the log-book process in a way which is appealing for drivers? Imagine being able to instantly calculate the best method for each individual vehicle to maximise the FBT return?

With a little bit of help from world-class in-vehicle technology, you can take the log-book burden away from your employees and have them focus on what they were employed to do.

The great news is, there is still time to install our plug and play eLogbook in time to collect the 12 weeks of data required to maximize your next FBT return.

Call us today and install before December 31st to get your 12 week logbook completed in time to maximise your 2014 FBT Return


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