FleetConnect – New features and major enhancements on user-experience

New Live Map View GPS

New Live Map View

Live Map View now expands to fit to your screen, maximising your map view and displaying your entire fleet simultaneously. Activity Feed now includes a paging feature. Simply swipe an entry to load older activity when using your tablet. Zone Filtering has a more intuitive menu for viewing and filtering your zones.

Restrict User Access to Groups

FleetConnect now includes the ability to allocate specific groups of vehicles to specific managers. Your managers will now access only the vehicles they are assigned to manage.

Spiderfy Trip Logs

Overlapping multiple log icons on a map can make it difficult to view specific event details. Now you can click on a cluster of icons and view each individual icon in an exploded view – getting all the details of each specific event.

Spiderfy Trip Logs

Live Map Idle Icon

A new icon of a car and timer now shows on the live map. This represents when and for how long a vehicle has been idling.

Fuel Level & Trip Usage

Mousing over the vehicle icon on the live map will show the fuel level and trip usage for a vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: this feature is enabled only for vehicles that have an extended OBD profile or are running the J1939 truck protocol.

Live Map Idle Icon Fuel Level
Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

If your fleet uses any of the GPSi smartDEVICE accessories that support the Duress Alarm feature, you can now add emergency contacts based on groups (company-wide or driver groups), and add emergency contacts to an individual’s emergency contact list.

For more information contact GPSi Support on 1300 438 477.

New After Hours Report

Are your company vehicles being used for side jobs, personal errands or other inappropriate activity? Even if you allow some private mileage you need to make sure employees aren’t taking advantage of you. The new report will allow you to filter the times and calculate the total amount of after hour kilometres traveled.

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