Put advanced wireless technologies in the mix

Wireless requirements for government continue to expand, requiring enhanced fleet management and dispatch capabilities, communications between command-and-control and on-the-scene field officers, and real-time access to local, state, and national public safety databases while on patrol.

Ensure end-to-end coverage

With advanced cellular technologies in the mix, we take reliability and interoperability to another level. GPSi offers targeted solutions for every mission—putting broadband and interoperability capacity to work to ensure end-to-end coverage with the latest mapping, telemetry and workforce management applications. WiFi, commercial and public safety 3G, satellite/GPS and more integrate advanced capabilities seamlessly with legacy systems. And be prepared for evolving technology with our scalable solutions that accommodate low energy Bluetooth technology.

  • Improve response times
  • Reduce driver distraction
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Share information
  • Gain more control
  • Stay mobile
  • Put data to work, fast