IVMS solutions for Oil & Gas Mining

The extraction of oil, gas and mineral resources comes with inherent risk. Mining companies operate in challenging environments and as the demand for resources grows, companies find themselves moving further afield and operating in ever more dangerous or remote areas. Safety is GPS Innovations key priority in everything it does. GPS Innovations has procedures and regulations to reduce the risks of driving and educate staff and contractors on how to be safer drivers. Driving procedures are designed not only to protect drivers but also to protect the communities in which we operate.

The MinePRO has been designed & engineered in Australia and specifically built IVMS for the Oil & Gas industry.

Comply & Improve safety by

  • Tracking real time vehicle location
  • Monitoring driver behaviour including speed, RPM, braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Driver behaviour and event based scoring
  • Journey Management
  • Locating drivers with Duress/Panic alarm
  • Sensing impacts and roll overs
  • Indicating seat belt use
  • Indicating when 4WD is engaged
  • Identifying drivers using individual keys
  • Providing crash investigation data
  • Optional Global Iridium coverage