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RoadScout® – eLogbook is a simple and convenient way to automate your time consuming vehicle logbook and calculate your maximum FBT return. Because drivers often use their cars for both work and personal journeys, this reporting can be complex and time consuming. Trips are automatically recorded, and drivers are prompted through a mobile application or email to enter trip details on completion of the journey. Drivers are able to distinguish between personal and business travel and can add additional information relevant to each trip.

Automate Trip Details

Automate Trip Details

Trip information generated automatically, including start and stop times, location, kilometres and time travelled.  Simply confirm trip purpose.

Reduce Admin Costs

Reduce Admin Costs

All travel and trip data is recorded live and is instantly available for reporting and allocation by the driver.


Streamline FBT Reporting

Streamline FBT Reporting

Maximise tax efficiencies by calculating the best 12 week period for each fleet vehicle in one easy step to take advantage of the Operating Cost methodology for calculating FBT

ATO Compliant

ATO Compliant

eLogbook application is developed in accordance with an approved Australian Tax Office methodology and has been awarded ATO Class Ruling CR 15/60  

eLogBook iPhone app Logbook for Drivers 

eLogbook iPhone

Vehicle logbooks has never been simpler to complete then now. The eLogbook iOS app has been designed to get you updated in the shortest time possible. Pre-defined trip entries make it a snap to complete the required trip information and is developed in accordance with an approved Australian Tax Office methodology.

Push Notifications Prompt drivers to automatically enter logbook details when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. Trip Telemetry To help improve driver safety, eLogbook also provides drivers with access to their own driving performance. Trip Map Refresh your memory and view detailed map  information of the route you took and location you stopped at.


eLogbook iPad

GPSi eLogbook is now available for iPad users. The extra desktop space allows for quicker navigation through each trip. Simply click on the individual trips to view clear detailed information for quick editing.

eLogBook ipad Logbook for Drivers



eLogbook Mail

Don’t have an iPhone? All individual trips can be automatically emailed to you to complete on any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

eLogbook Web

All trip information can be accessed from any internet connected computer or tablet at a later time. Full trip information is displayed on the map making it easy to remember what the trips were related to.

eLogBook Logbook for Drivers by GPS Innovations [/image_with_animation]

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