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FleetConnect™ is an advanced, easy to use SaaS reporting solution which allows you to better manage your fleet and mobile employees.

Designed with the end user in mind, it captures information generated from our in-field GPS-based devices (RoadScout®) and displays it graphically in real-time.  Our dashboard style user interface contains a powerful combination of features to improve vehicle management and driver safety delivering true business insight.


safer driving fleet connect

Promote safer driving

Just knowing that you have a RoadScout on board, your drivers will be more conscious of company policies and safer road ethics.

monitor productivity fleet connect

Monitor productivity

Monitor and manage the amount of time it takes to arrive on site and the time spent there will increase productivity and help account for billing.


maximise billable time fleet connect

Maximise billable time

Ensure the back-office staff can review workloads and territories. Maximise billable time and minimise hours driving across town.

Reduce Fuel Costs Fleet Connect

Reduce fuel costs

Fuel serves as a major operating cost for any business with vehicles. Monitoring speed, idling and unauthorised vehicle use all contribute to better fuel management.


Live vehicle and driver status at a glance

FleetConnect allows you to locate your entire fleet in real-time. Localising every vehicle at any given moment 24/7. Vehicles are clearly displayed on a completely interactive map display along with speed and heading information.

real time driver status fleet connect



The dashboard

FleetConnect™ Live Dashboard updates key vehicle and driver data in real-time providing the information you need to make relevant business decisions. Data includes driver ID, driver performance, vehicle location and vehicle usage data including engine performance, acceleration, harsh braking, cornering and driving/idling ratios.

Vehicle and driver data are referenced to your specified parameters allowing you to compare vehicle performance and driving styles individually and across the entire fleet.

fleet control dashboard driver behaviour



fleet control activity feed driver behaviour

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays key driver and fleet information as it happens. Entering & Existing Geofences, Over Speed Events, Harsh braking and even more. Keeping you & your managers to date every second.




Monitor vehicles and their drivers and see information on speed, working hours, distance travelled and idling time. Monitor total driving hours. Driving hours by trip. How long drivers are stopping for. Our unique monitoring features assists greatly in managing the number of hours that your drivers are working each week or month, including the management of driver fatigue.

monitor vehicles driver behaviour



second by second telemetry fleet connect

Second by Second Telemetry

A lot can happen in 30 secs, at just 60km/h a vehicle has moved 500m. We collect data for every second of movement to create true, irrefutable business insight. No approximate routes or estimated speeds, just accurate information displayed as it occurred in the field.



FleetConnect ZONES

FleetConnect Zones gives your maps real meaning, allowing you to identify customers, prospects, office sites and more.

Define virtual boundaries around your contacts and receive notifications when your vehicles enter or exit designated areas. The software automatically calculates nearest vehicles to any location, and records important information like time at location.

Customise the FleetConnect Alerts function to receive automatic e-mail notifications when events occur that are important to you and your business.

fleet connect zones driver behaviour



FleetConnect Enhanced Add ons

FleetConnect could just be the beginning in helping to increase your fleet productivity. Improved fleet information leads to efficiency, cost reductions and a safer workforce. Our suite of powerful software enhancements can be applied at anytime to provide you with the industry’s most comprehensive fleet management toolset.

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