Best Telematics Device

Scalable real-time tracking & telemetry

The RoadScout® family of data acquisition tools have been designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that you only pay for the device functionality you need. Additional function and features can be invoked at any time, bringing the base device up to full IVMS functionality if and when required. RoadScout ® real time processing ensures a higher level of safety for drivers with immediate notification of accidents, harsh driving and safety related issues.

Whatever your business needs, RoadScout® data tools in partnership with FleetConnect’s Software As a Service (SaaS) ensures delivery of true business insight, in real time and at a price point that makes sense to your business.


Proudly designed, engineered and built in Australia.

Collision black-box recording

Collision “black-box” recording

Second by second interval data is recorded & stored when an impact is detected.

Battery backup

Battery backup

The first small form factor plug ‘n’ play IVMS device to host a battery backup that sends a disconnection alert with unauthorised removal.


In-car wireless network

In-car wireless network

Equipped with low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology creating an in-car wireless network that allows communication with various GPSi smartWARE devices.

Reduce distracted driving

Reduce distracted driving

Eliminate unauthorized use of phones, email, text and other applications while employees are driving. “Always On” Technology. No buttons to push or applications to start.


more specs

  • Small Form Factor Device
  • Portable, low-cost plug’n’play installation
  • Suits 12v passenger & light commercial vehicles
  • Suits 24v J1939 heavy trucks and equipment
  • Works with smartTRAX Iridium Satellite modem
  • lithium ion battery backup
  • 3G/Next G Communications
  • In-Car Wireless Network
  • Collision buffering
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Works with

The RoadScout® family of driver safety IVMS devices is equipped with BlueMESH In-Car Network technology and when function-enabled, allow communications with interdependent systems without the need for hard wiring. Our range of supported devices continues to grow with our focus firmly on safety related aspects that confront the modern vehicle and driver with a “No Wires” philosophy.