Fast, Accurate Passenger Recording and Reporting

Current paper-based systems for recording passenger transport details for NDIS and Community Service packages are cumbersome, inaccurate and rely on estimates. smartTRANSIT solves this problem and allows you to focus on delivering high quality transport services without the heavy administration burden.


Accurate NDIS Passenger Billing

Accurate Billing

Auditable, accurate passenger travel information for improved billing.

Integrate with NDIS Systems

3rd Party Integration

Generation of electronic field service timesheets and export to existing NDIS Management Systems


NDIS Compliance

Improve Compliance

Meet compliance requirements by using an electronic in-vehicle system that generates accurate and auditable passenger transport information in real-time.

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Driver & Passenger Safety

Real-time data presented in a user friendly interface to help manage driver & passenger safety.



smartTRANSIT enables NDIS and community service providers to accurately record passenger travel details in real time and provide an accurate and auditable travel record to support billing activity.

Flexible software configuration and easy installation ensures that smartTRANSIT is easily integrated into existing fleet and contractor vehicles.

Trip data can be exported to the NDIS Service Providers Client Management system for further streamlining of record handling for billing and contract compliance purposes.

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Easy driver interface

smartTRANSIT intuitive interface with minimal input required by the driver as passengers enter and exit the vehicle.

Fast passenger login

Simply enter the passengers client ID for fast accurate passenger boarding or search from list. Time, Location is recorded automatically.


NDIS Passenger App



NDIS Passenger Recording

Informative passenger timeline

smartTRANSIT timeline gives the driver the passenger activity history in a clear easy to read screen.

Fast passenger logoff

2 clicks and you’ve recorded the drop off time, location and trip duration.



FleetConnect Enhanced Add ons

FleetConnect could just be the beginning in helping to increase your fleet productivity. Improved fleet information leads to efficiency, cost reductions and a safer workforce. GPSi suite of powerful software enhancements can be applied at anytime to provide you with the industry’s most comprehensive fleet management toolset.

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